June 20, 2012

Disney's "Smell Shelf" (1956)

Shockingly, the last Disney short with RKO titles has been missing since 1956, before being released. "The Smell Shelf" was, by the handful of extant accounts, a less than entertaining short involving Donald Duck working as a perfume seller. The cartoon ran afoul of corporate interests when it made direct reference to Chanel #5, which led to an unusually strong judicial ruling before being released, wherein the orginal negative and the handful of prints of the film were ordered to be destroyed. Normally Disney would have appealed this ruling (and it was extreme to the extent that it was unlikely to have stood up to higher judicial review in the time period), but due to a flu outbreak in the legal department, the issue was not promptly addressed and the order was carried out. Thus, we do not have the film, and Disney as a company became significantly more aggressive legally. Our best hope of finding this film is if the drawings exist in the DIsney archives, so hat we might be able to one day reassemble them into a full length film. Does anyone have any links to any images?

December 21, 2011

Animated Santa Claus Alignment Chart

Here's my attempt to break the internet. I was shocked that I couldn't find a Santa alignment chart (although here's a Christmas one that popped up today), so here's an animated Santa Claus alignment chart.
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November 22, 2011

Alternate WB cel type

Here we have a cel with a slip of paper with Leon Schlesinger's signature. And a fake background painted on what looks to be a different kind of wallpaper than on the other style of official release cels orm the time period. Interesting.