December 22, 2010

Film Flashes from Judge Magazine, 1916

J.R. Bray and Colonel Heeza Liar in an article from the book type compilation from Judge Magazine in 1916. It talks about production. If you click on it, it should be readable.

I'm not transcribing it all right now, but hey, at least it's a straw post to say I put something up in 2010 in this blog!

"Colonel Heeza Liar Makes Grand Game For the Animals."
"He's A Busy Little Funmaker"
"There isn't a fun-maker on the screen to-day who draws more laughs to the minute than the busy little Colonel Heeza Liar, who was invented by J. R. Bray some few years ago. He keeps six cartoonists, twenty assistant artists and four camera men constantly at work getting them out."

And so on.

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